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This service allows you to search for a frame number in our factory records.
Please read the notes below before searching.

When entering your frame number, make sure you use the full reference number including any letters before or above the numbers. The location of the frame number is indicated in the diagrams at the bottom of this page.

Chose the category carefully, some Lightweight frame numbers are also used on pre-war Model X bikes.

Information available is for:
Road Twins and Singles: some 1946 to 1949, then from 1950 until 1964
Lightweights: From 1958 to 1966
Norton: From 1963 to 1969
Competition Bikes: Singles From October 1951 to November 1954 (but not all) and some late G80/G85CS
A small number of Model X bikes between 1937 and 1940
No Pre-War or EX WD Factory records, limited information from 1921 to 1941

The factory records on some models are sparse and it is best that you contact our Machine Dating officer first on dating@jampot.com - you will be advised whether there is any information available for your machine.

If one or more records are found, you will have the option of viewing the details on payment of a £10 fee (club members only pay £5 with a valid membership number). If no records are found, there is no fee payable.

Please note, this service does not show all the available information from our records, you will be provided with:

  • Confirmation of the frame number you searched for
  • The type of bike found (road, competition, lightweight, pre-war, etc.
  • The year of manufacture of the frame
  • The model of the bike as it left the factory

If you require more detailed information, you should use the clubs' Dating Certificates Service. Extra information available may be engine number, gearbox number, dispatch date from the factory, dealer the bike was first sent to and the name of the test rider at the factory. Some of the items mentioned may not be available depending on the amount of information held within the factory records.

Use of this service is limited by a daily quota, once exceeded you will not be able to enter another search for a period of 24 hours.